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Welcome to the

Boiler Room

best seafood on Amelia Island

Step into our "boiler room" and meet the team that brings you the best signature seafood boils around!

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Meet Team Lynch!
Dave, Elaine,
and Chief dog Clancy

Transplants from Washington DC, Dave & Elaine stumbled upon Amelia Island on a quick vacation. The shrimp were the best they'd tasted (which was a qualifier!), but it was the people that really clinched the deal. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly . . . there was no other place to go: They had found their new home.


Dave is a foodie. While he earned his living as a technical writer for our federal government, Dave has worked as a personal chef with his business "New Lime Catering" (where his moniker, "The Lasagna Guy", was born).


Elaine is an island girl. Growing up in Puerto Rico, being close to the ocean is essential. As a design and proposal professional with over 20 years of management experience, Elaine's focus will be on the marketing and back end of the business.


And then there's Clancy! Dave and Elaine have a passion for dogs. (They actually met while walking their dogs!) Clancy, their trusted Labrador Retriever, is well known already in the community for his amazing people skills. He's a welcome face in their storefront!

Shannon Mayhan, General Manager

Shannon is a local chef who has been in the restaurant industry for 25 years. She has worked all positions in the restaurant and has even owned a catering business. She is passionate about the community and helping others. She is excited to be on this adventure and bring the best pot on the beach to Amelia Island.


Shannon is a graduate of Fernandina Beach High School and, as you can tell, absolutely loves to cook. She is married with 4 children, 3 grandchildren, 2 cats, and yes - a dog! When she's not cooking up a storm, she loves to travel. 

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